About us

We started working since 2004 and we now one of the most leading companies in importing medical equipment and supplies from all over the world. Our objective is to provide Iraqi medical hospitals and institutions with genuine supplies and from reputed companies . We are major supplier of medical equipment and devices to the Ministry of Health, the State Company for Drug Marketing and Medical Supplies (Kimadia) and the local market generally. . We achieved distinctiveness through our uncompromising adherence to standard ethics of business. With these organizations we strictly adhere and observe the highest standard in procurement of our goods from trusted and most reputed companies. Our Dialysis equipment supplies is one of our major trading business in which we are playing an active part. We act on behalf of exclusive agencies and distributors for many companies. The size of supplies is so immense that we recruited most qualified staff to handle incoming supplies and put them in its proper order. We have more than one branch across Iraq to cover our activities in central and southern Iraq and the north . The number of employees more is than 100 persons from among them doctors, pharmacists, sales representatives and engineers.